8am-5pm – Grenfell Historic Properties, St. Anthony

  • June 7-16, 2019
  • 8am - 5pm Daily

The Grenfell Interpretation Centre provides a more modern, self-touring, interpretative experience for visitors, offering insight into the life of Dr. Grenfell and the work of the Grenfell Mission. Browse Grenfell Handicrafts, the on-site gift shop, for an extensive collection of handicrafts and souvenirs; many of which are produced locally. Also drop by the on-site tea room for a refreshment – serving fresh tea, coffee, and desserts.

And be sure to check out the Grenfell House Museum and adjacent walking trail that provides an easy walk to the top of Tea House Hill, where Sir Grenfell, his wife, and other colleagues are buried adjacent to this site, commemorated by memorial plaques. The trail also has two strategically placed viewing platforms overlooking the harbour, ocean, and open country behind.

Grenfell Historic Properties

Contact Information

Call 1 (709) 454-4010 or Email manager@grenfell-properties.com for more information and pricing.