10:00am-10:00pm – Celebrate the Iceberg Festival in Bird Cove – 50 Centuries Interpretation Centre, Bird Cove

  • June 1
  • 10:00am-10:00pm

A full day of activities planned in the community of Bird Cove. Brunch will be served from 10-11 am followed by a welcome from the 50 Centuries Society. From 1-5 pm there will be museum tours and mock digs, afternoon tea, try your hand at homemade ice cream, arts and crafts for kids. At 5:30pm head to the community hall for a traditional Newfoundland dinner ($10 Adults, $7 Kids). Following the dinner there will be card games and darts for adults and activities for youth (7:00-9:30pm). Finish the night off with a Shed Party starting at 9:30 pm. Call 1-709-247-2256/2268 for more information.

50 Centuries Interpretation Centre

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