10:30am – POLAR BEAR DIP, Raleigh Historic Village

  • Sunday, June 10, 2018
  • 9:30am
  • $50 per dipper (includes 2 brunch tickets and 1 t-shirt)

Celebrate the 10th annual Iceberg Festival with us at the coolest event of the year-literally!

$50-includes; Polar Bear Dip, 1 exclusive Polar Bear Dip t-shirt, 2 brunch tickets* 

Check-In + T-shirt, Brunch Ticket pick-up starts at 9:30am.*

Polar Bear Dip is shotgun start at 10:30am!*

(tickets for brunch-only also available at $15/person through the Iceberg Festival Schedule and on site at The Polar Bear Dip)

AFTER PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS ON THIS PAGE:  you must email us at  icebergfestival@hotmail.com  for registration package and to order t-shirt size ahead of event.

* For this event EVERY person entering the water MUST HAVE A SUPPORT PERSON ONSHORE. Each support person watches their dipper, does NOT go into the water or leave the area until their dipper is back on shore after the dip. e.g. If two people want to go into the water to do the actual Polar Bear Dip, they MUST have two OTHER people onshore to be their support/watcher. ONLY the dippers who actually enter the water receive Polar Bear Dip t-shirts. Have fun and be safe! 

Hosted by the Iceberg Festival Committee in partnership with the Raleigh Historical Corporation.

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AFTER PURCHASING TICKETS ON THIS PAGE: email us at  icebergfestival@hotmail.com   for registration package and to order t-shirt sizes ahead of event.

EVERY brrrrrave Polar Bear Dip participant MUST HAVE A SUPPORT PARTNER. To participate in this challenge; every person actually entering the water MUST have a person on shore to watch them dip and receive them when they come ashore again.


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