10,000 years in the making

The Iceberg Festival celebrates the coming of spring in the north and the annual arrival of icebergs. The festival features music, food, entertainment, history, culture, great hospitality and of course icebergs. Dip your toes into the North Atlantic! Have a dance! Eat seafood fresh from the sea! If you want breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, fantastic fare and good company, you belong with us at the Iceberg Festival!

Mark your calendars, the Iceberg Festival will take place June 1st-10th, 2018 – Stay tuned for the full schedule of events! (For future dates beyond 2018, please note The Iceberg Festival traditionally starts on the first Friday of June and runs 10 days to the following Sunday. June 7th – 16th, 2019; June 5th – 14th, 2020, etc)

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